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Hope to see everyone there

Thursday, June 14

Faerie Escape: Atlanta is sponsoring (not putting on) Charles Vess and Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” at the Plaza Theater in downtown Atlanta. There will also be a conversation with Lisa Stock following the movie. While this is not an official Escape event, and tickets have to be bought separately from Escape badges, it will be a lot of fun. Costumes are encouraged :-)

Friday, June 15

7 pm: Zinfandel Room. Opening of the Court. Everyone

Performances and stories, as well as a movie offering from Lisa Stock. The Opening of the Court is free and open to everyone. This is a chance for all our attendees to meet one another, so invite everyone to come and bring their friends.

Saturday, June 16

6 am

Vintage Room: Vendor access to marketplace

10 am

Vintage Room: Marketplace opens

10:30 am

Blanc de Blanc Room: Fairy Tales, Myth and Psychology

Court: Andrew Greenberg (m), Honora Foah, Dea Mozingo, Ted Friedman, Bill Bridges

What is the deep attraction of fairy tales and what do they mean to us? What role do these ancient stories play in our psyche, and why? Subtitle: Grimm, Campbell and Jung Walk into a Bar …

Rose Room: Costuming Workshop

Court: Anya Martin


Blanc de Blanc Room: Faerie Writing Workshop

Court: Barbara Friend Ish

Join author and editor Barbara Friend Ish in writing a Faerie-inspired short story. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discuss Faerie character types and story elements and then develop our own Fae-inspired short stories. Workshop participants are invited to read from their stories at the Mercury Retrograde Salon Saturday evening, and finished stories will be included in the 2012 Faerie Escape Chapbook.

Rose Room: Wing Making Workshop

Court: Brenda Jarvis of A Temptation of Faeries

Come grow your own wings and let your imagination soar! Learn basic wing construction techniques then fly out in wings of your own design. Children welcome with accompanying adult. Adhesives, hot glue, paint and glitter will be available. All supplies provided. Each fae flies out with their creation. Sign up and join the fun!

Wing rentals
Flying in without your wings for the ball? Need to grow a bigger set of wings quickly? No worries! A Temptation of Faeries from Ollure rents wings. See us in the marketplace for details.

1:30 pm

Blanc de Blanc: Fae in All Their Guises

Court: Honora Foah (m), IK the Troll, Eugie Foster, Dea Mozingo, Bill Bridges

The fae is just one term for these beings. What names, forms and meaning do they take around the world? What similarities do they share in appearance and actions, in their style and substance?

3 pm

Blanc de Blanc Room: Second Skins 2

Court: IK the Troll (m), Carrie Anne Hunt, Lisa Stock, Charlotte Babb, assorted Faebles and Trolls

One of the most popular panels from 2010, we revisit and build upon the role of costumes and identity. Why are so many people choosing alternate appearances and personas? What psychological and cultural work is accomplished by fantasy costume in both childhood and adulthood? How can you get more out of yours?

Rose Room: Mask Making Workshop

Explore the basics of crafting leather masks with artisan, Angela R. Sasser, of Angelic Shades Studio. Learn what tools you need to get started, where to purchase leather, and how versatile leather can be. Finally, Angela will give a step-by-step of crafting a simple mask from start to finish.

4:30 pm

Blanc de Blanc Room: Wee Folk, Little Green Men and Abductions

Court: Bill Bridges (m), Honora Foah, Ted Friedman

Tales of alien abductions and visits to faerie land have surprisingly much in common. Why are fairy and UFO abductions so similar, and what do they tell us about ourselves and the world(s) around us?

Rose Room: Faerie Makeup Workshop

5:30 pm

Upstairs Suite: Mercury Retrograde Salon

Join Mercury Retrograde Press editors, staff, and friends for merriment and mythic munchies. The evening’s entertainments will include readings from the participants at the Faerie Writing Workshop, recitations from Strunk & White’s Elements of Style by Mercury Retrograde editor Anna Branscome, and a performance of the Big Books Rap by A Dark Fable.

7 pm

Blanc de Blanc+Rose Rooms: Grand Ball with costume contest and performances

Sunday, June 17

10 am

Vintage Room: Marketplace opens

10:30 am

Blanc de Blanc Room: The Art of the Fae

Court: Lisa Stock (m), Lindsay Archer, Tammy Pryce, John Bridges

How do we bring the most ephemeral of creatures to life on paper and canvas?

Rose Room: Storytelling Workshop


Blanc de Blanc Room: Fairy Tales of Hollywood

Court: Ted Friedman (m), Lisa Stock (m), Carrie Anne Hunt, Charlotte Babb

It seems like fairy tales surround us again, in books, on TV and in movies. Why have fairy tales taken over pop culture? What are storytellers and scriptwriters drawing from these powerful tales that make their own work better? Most important, are any of these new adaptations any good?

Rose Room: Children’s Literature Workshop

1:30 pm

Blanc de Blanc Room: Dance Workshop

Rose Room: The Future of Faerie Fiction

Court: Barbara Friend Ish (m), Charlotte Babb, Eugie Foster

We’ve seen an explosion in literature about faeries and fairy tales, and there is no sign of it stopping. What are the next big things in writing about fairy tales, the fae and all their myriad offspring?

3 pm

Blanc de Blanc Room: Creator Rights

Court: Courtney Lytle, Blake Sorensen

Those who would guide the fae into our realm have concerns beyond the ravenous appetites of trolls. Copyrights, legal protections, fan fictions, tributes, satire and the like may seem beyond the notice of the faerie courts, but not of human ones. Join Emory adjunct law professor Courtney Perry and intellectual property attorney Blake Sorensen for this wide-ranging discussion of rights you may not even know you have. Suitable for both legal novices and the experienced.

Rose Room: Faerie House Workshop

Court: Candace Apple

Entice the faeries into your world with a mystical magical faerie cottage created from gourds, mosses, stones, fungi, twigs, nuts and dried flowers. Let your imagination take wing as you design and build a faerie house fit for a faerie queen. Children welcome with an accompanying adult, hot glue guns are involved. All supplies provided. If a child is coming with an adult and they are making one faerie house, the child is free. We ask that you get separate tickets if each is making a faerie house or if there is more than one child per adult and they are making a house each. Workshop preference is one child per adult.

4 pm

Blanc de Blanc Room: Closing Ceremonies
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