Jan. 2nd, 2003

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Jan. 2nd, 2003 11:06 am
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So, as some of you know, my roommate recently bought a 1937 house here in metropolitan Tucker. The neighbors believe that the ghost of the original owner, Mr. Allen, continues to haunt its premises. We now have reason to believe that there may be two ghosts on the estate.

Before moving in, my roommate discovered that the house was built on the site of an ante bellum-era house that might have been burned down during the war of Southern Aggression. The foundation for the old chimney and some of its bricks still rest in the backyard.

Shortly after my roommate closed on the house, I steam cleaned and vacuumed the upstairs area, where I’ve been told Mr. Allen hangs out (I live in the upstairs, my roommate and her boyfriend have the downstairs). The next day, I brought over a load from the old house. There, right in the middle of the area, where I had steam cleaned and vacuumed, was a 1980 dime, as though Mr. Allen was giving me a 1937-era allowance. I made that joke, but thought nothing more about it until a neighbor told me that Mr. Allen was alive at least until 1977, and might have died in 1980. I had thought he died in 1969.

During the actual move-in, we had to tear up a number of the stairs to get my bed up them. The whole time we were tearing up the stairs, I kept thinking, “Sorry, Mr. Allen, we’ll fix them as soon as possible.” As soon as we got the bed upstairs, I stepped on an old, rusty nail. No, it did not penetrate my foot, but remember, I had steam cleaned and vacuumed this place. The nail was definitely not one we’d brought it. I took it as a sign from Mr. Allen to fix those stairs. We nailed the stairs back in place but did not get around to fixing the trim.

That night, I brought over my cats. I then went back downstairs to get them a bowl for their water. Wanting them to familiarize themselves with the upstairs, I closed the door behind me so they would not follow me. When I returned, the door was locked. The door had been closed before and not locked. In fact, up until that point, I did not realize that it had a lock. We have no keys to this lock. The hinges are on the inside, the door knob has no screw, and the positioning of the trim makes it very difficult to jimmy the lock. My roommate’s boyfriend finally figured out how to wedge my large screwdriver through to force the lock. Needless the say, I replaced the trim soon after.

The ghost also has some issues. During a visit from Kittymel, we had a number of candles burning. We went downstairs at one point. Kittymel went back upstairs, only to discover that a gel candle had exploded. It had blown off large chunks of glass and flames were reaching to the ceiling. Kittymel got a saucepan and covered the fire, but that part of the ceiling still has scorch marks.

About a week later, I walked another friend out to her car. During my absence, I had left two lights on and a clock plugged in. When I returned about five minutes later, I discovered that the fuse had blown. Nothing new had been turned on while I was gone, and the power usage was minimal (it’s the same fuse my computer is on, but the computer was turned off). Apparently our ghost had blown his fuse.

After Thanksgiving, I put a Nothing Inside poster over the scorch marks on the ceiling of my room. I returned from Thanksgiving to find the poster half off the wall, revealing the scorch marks. I don’t know what happened to the push pins that were holding it in.

So, why do I think there might be two ghosts? The above phenomena are funny and easily explainable. Were it not for the neighborhood legend of the ghost, I would never think to attribute it to him. There is one last incident, however, that is not so easily explained away.

My roommate’s boyfriend is an archeologist and a photographer. He took a number of pictures of the estate and snapped one of the old fireplace in order to get the opinion of other archeologists about it. He did not develop the film himself, but instead took it to a WalMart. All the pictures came out normally except one.

The photo of the old fireplace has a white form streaking out of it. This could possibly be explained as the camera somehow damaging the film when he took the shot, except:

None of the other shots are damaged in this way; and
The white image is wholly within the picture frame. We examined the negative, and there is no sign of the white image out of the frame, as would have happened if the camera had damaged the film.

That's the pic I'm now using as my image.

Happy New Year
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Thursday: Help a friend move. Green party meeting in the evening, maybe some gaming afterward
Friday: not sure. Who's got good plans, or what am I forgetting?
Saturday: Might be parties this night; otherwise, good day to see American Dream at the Echo Lounge. Might bop through L5P during the day
Sunday: Rapture at my place, maybe spoken word at the Java Monkey and/or the Apache Cafe afterward

Hope to see ya'll out


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