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I attended a town hall meeting by Georgia senator Steve Henson and state representative Scott Holcomb. Lots of interesting things mentioned. I wrote it up here:

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The last pics of Mel's cousin: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2011/apr/08/final-salute/?local The police chief's eulogy is especially moving for its pure emotion, and when the bagpipes started playing, it shook everyone present. Probably 3000 in the church itself, and many more joined us on the way to the grave. The police tributes - the empty horse, the last radio call, the honor guard, etc. - were unsurpassed for their emotional impact and depth of feeling. Truly powerful symbols.

Yes, I am in some of the pictures and video. Don't think I have ever been saluted by that many police officers...
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Tonight, Feb. 8: Georgia Game Developers meeting at Microsoft (www.ggda.org)
Thurs, Feb. 10: Kevin Howe plays the Highland Ballroom; Emo Philips at the Laughing Skull
Fri, Feb. 11: Jsin takes over S4
Sat, Feb. 12: Gaming
Sun, Feb. 13: Young Antiques play dunch at the Earl, anti-Valentines bash that night
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"Because so many cameras and surveillance systems are completely open, it's possible for anyone with Internet access to watch literally thousands of cameras online using only Google and a kindergartener’s understanding of the 'Net."


Let the Shadowrun commence!
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Looks like a good weekend coming up

Fri, Jan. 21: Dead Guy at On Stage Atlanta
Sat, Jan. 22: The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara, 4:30 pm at the Unitarian Church (http://www.taradanceatlanta.com/). Later that night I demo blades at 1763
Sun, Jan. 23: Board game meetup at Jason's Deli in Northlake starting from 5 - 9 pm
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This is exactly the kind of scheme the vampires would have concocted to discredit someone:


Not making light of the tragedy, just amazed at how perfectly this story and the reporting of it fit. Great stuff for games.

And who all is going to Dali 'til Dawn tomorrow?
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The Wheeler tragedy I blogged about yesterday is an intriguing one. This was exactly the kind of episode I would build on when I worked on Vampire. Vamps killed someone of importance because of their own secret feuds, and then set it up that he was the bad guy: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/local/20110105_Man_found_in_landfill_tied_to_arson_attempt.html

I also fine it interesting that he was the first CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an obnoxious organization that mainly existed as a front group for insurance companies looking for new ways to raise people's rates
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The factoids are accurate - murdered chemical weapons expert, unexplained bird deaths, etc. Whee fun!

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Looked to have his people both expand whaling and attack the Sea Shepherds:


Does anyone actually believe Obama is any kind of an environmentalist? He and his administration tried to expand offshore drilling, lied blatantly about the BP spill, massively extended funding of nukes and coal at the expense of alternatives, and installed weak auto emission regs instead of the ones favored by people who like to breathe.


Nov. 26th, 2010 08:32 pm
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Hoping to make it tomorrow. Who all is going? Which of you is performing?
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Hope to see you at Spring 4th for the David Rovics show tonight. If not, hope I see you at the SuchnSuch party at Eyedrum
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Lots of good things going on this weekend, including the Outlantacon Game Day, Chomp and Stomp, parties and meetings. Next Friday I'll be helping host a political recovery party at Spring 4th with David Rovics and the Georgia Green Party. Let me know if you'll be at any of these. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115641588497228
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It looks like most of the people I know are voting straight party lines these days, be it for Dems, GOPs or Libs (the Libertarians do have some good candidates in the races again). It's my experience that the down-ballot ones are more likely to impact you directly (judges, district attorneys, etc). Georgia Equality does a good job of analyzing those candidates, and I've been impressed by their guide:

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Paul Mercer and the Ghosts Project is playing the Pinchbeck book signing at the Highland Ballroom tonight. Anyone else on here planning to hit it? I hope to get there between 7 and 8

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I know the folks with whom you'd be working, and they are top notch

Georgia Department of Economic Development Position Announcement

Title: Location Specialist Entry Salary:
Low to Mid $40k’s

Division: Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Location: Atlanta
Duties and
Responsibilities: The Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development is responsible for promoting Georgia as an entertainment industry destination by increasing the awareness of Georgia’s film, music and multimedia business opportunities, resources and infrastructure. This is achieved through the building of relationships between GDEcD staff, industry partners, the private sector and prospective global clients, resulting in an increase in the number of new projects to locate, expand or start in Georgia.

The Location Specialist will assist production companies with all aspects of filming in Georgia from initial preparation of location packages through site visits and logistical assistance through the completion of the project.

Duties and responsibilities include:

o Manage the division’s digital location database and create individualized location packages for prospects
o Through networking, trade shows and trade publications, identify prospective projects, develop qualified leads and promote the state as a premier filming location
o Assist with research, writing and development of industry-specific promotional materials
o Scout locations throughout the state of Georgia for prospects as well as to populate the location database
o Develop itineraries and conduct statewide location scouts with prospects
o Assist Georgia communities to understand the needs and benefits of hosting local film and television productions and develop long-term relationships
o Assist productions already in progress in Georgia with logistical assistance and troubleshooting as needed
o Speak and present to statewide communities, associations and organizations about the film industry in the state and its value
o Provide in depth information to prospects about the state’s film resources as well as our incentive packages
o Photograph Georgia locations and upload to database
o Represent Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office at trade shows, film festivals, and local industry events
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PoCtoberfest is this weekend in Birmingham! I'm driving there Saturday right after speaking at Phoenicon for some hardcore gaming. Who else will be at either of these?
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I'll probably be going to this at the Jason's Deli in Northlake tonight, probably around 6:30 or 7. Let me know if you can join:

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